Comus Inn

The Comus Inn

The Comus Inn at Sugarloaf Mountain located in Montgomery County Maryland was recommended to me by friends as an establishment that you could share a meal with family and friends.

Based on those recommendations, I took my family there on weekend a few years back... My husband and my two little girls.

Little did I know that The Comus Inn Sociopath had either not performed his due diligence or had in fact performed his due diligence and decided to hire The Comus Inn Pervert, David Myer Dantzic II anyway.

David Myer Dantzic II was hired by The Comus Inn Sociopath as both Manager and Sommelier of The Comus Inn however, Dr. R. Christopher Goodwin PhD of Dickerson, Maryland neglected to let his patrons know that David Myer Dantzic II (who has since changed his name to David Robert Bradbury) had been previously arrested and convicted of furnishing alcohol to minors.

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